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Tesla off Grid Solar for Home and Business

Today Tesla announced the availability of a Home Backup battery system for home and business solar installations. The systems which have been designed and developed by Tesla motors have already been installed in 300 homes by Solar City, and a further 130 installs are planned in the near future.

The battery itself is quite small, about the size of current solar inverters, and will be mounted inside the garage. There is little detail on capacity of the pack, other than the fact that and it with a 10 year warranty.

While this trend is an obvious one for purveyors of solar power, its worrying for energy distributors which will have to share the cost of transmission and network upkeep among fewer and fewer paying customers. But as Tesla forges on with their plans to build at least one, possibly two Giga-Factory’s to produce batteries for their vehicles – and the vehicles of other automotive manufacturers – it makes sense that they are looking to expand their customer base with the new backup system.

One of the most obvious markets for the system are owners of electric vehicles: Tesla’s existing customers. If people are currently charging nightly, then the thought of a network interruption stranding them at home because of a power outage. Not a situation that AAA is currently equipped to deal with, other than giving your Model S a tow to the nearest charging station.

Solar City is a natural fit as a distributor for the new Tesla technology, not just because they already have a large and growing network of solar installers around the world, but also because Elon Musk serves as both the Chairman of Solar City and CEO of Tesla Motors.

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