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Rise of the Professional Gamer

Who would have thought that playing video games could earn you a share of $1Million over a weekend? Thats exactly what a lucky group of gamers did as part of the Major League Gaming (MLG) 2015 Call of Duty Championship. 32 teams went head-to-head over three days playing Advanced Warfare in downtown Los Angeles. The winning team taking home a massive $400,000. But its not just the big dollars available, the MLG site lists tournaments anyone join with prize money ranging from…

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Play Wolfenstein 3D Online, Now!

To celebrate 20 years of Wolfenstein, id Software has released a version of Wolfenstein 3D that you can play directly in your browser. Be prepared to loose all productivity for the rest of the day (and possibly weekend.) Kick back at your desk and enjoy as the nostalgia begins to flow; you are going to set the difficulty to “I am Death Incarnate” – partly because you actually believe you were that good once upon a tim, and partly because your…

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