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Tesla off Grid Solar for Home and Business

Today Tesla announced the availability of a Home Backup battery system for home and business solar installations. The systems which have been designed and developed by Tesla motors have already been installed in 300 homes by Solar City, and a further 130 installs are planned in the near future. The battery itself is quite small, about the size of current solar inverters, and will be mounted inside the garage. There is little detail on capacity of the pack, other than…

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Cost Effective Sustainable Housing

With growing interest in sustainable living around the world, its little wonder people are starting to focus their attention on Micro Homes. Not only do they provide a practical solution to the issue of housing shortage, but they can also be configured for energy savings that continue long past the original build cost. NOMAD Homes, one of the many companies that have sprung up to provide these micro homes, have created an easy to assemble and beautifully packaged solution that gives customers a configurable…

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