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Beware the Curse of April 1st.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t get your news from Facebook. But there is one time of the year where this rule rings especially true, and that is April Fool’s day.

From April 1st news sites across the globe will be peppering their feeds with half-truths and bald faced lies. And while traditionally the usual pranks that accompany the most mischievous of days on our calendar end at 12pm, the very nature of internet news means that we will be sifting through these dud reports for the rest of the week.

The problem is compounded by the fact that different articles will be released as the timezones roll across the dateline; then those articles are picked up by unsuspecting reputable news outlets – that should know better by now – and are re-posted for days afterwards.

So our advice to you: from Wednesday next week, until the end of the week, assume that everything you read online is fake. There will always be an April fool, try not to let it be you.

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