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Boosted BRZ: 296HP STI Performance Concept.

Subaru’s STI performance division has announced a concept turbocharged BRZ. It’s the first time a force fed engine has been placed in any the official BRZ, GT86, FRS triplet production vehicles.

Aptly dubbed the “STI Performance Concept,” it is powered by the same 296 HP ( 221 kW ) EJ20 engine from the GT300 BRZ, currently racing in the Japanese Super GT series.

But all may not be as it seems, with STI announcing that the car is more of a statement of their intention to push into aftermarket parts and motorsport in the United States, than anything that is likely to see an official production run.

Still, it’s nice to finally see STI focusing some effort on the BRZ; a car which many had assumed was on its way out due to lack of serious power and attention from either Subaru or Toyota. Hopefully there is still plenty of life left in these instant cult classic cars.

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