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High-end on two wheels: ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG

ROTWILD and Mercedes-AMG have unveiled a mountain bike which has been inspired by the new Mercedes‑AMG GT S and developed for the toughest off-road conditions. The ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG is based on professional feedback from the top athletes in the AMG ROTWILD MTB racing team, and combines the very best of racing technology on four and two wheels: dynamism, lightweight construction, design and comfort. It has already proven itself; winning a junior world championship title. With paintwork is in distinctive, contrasting solarbeam and carbon black, “Inspired by AMG” not only applies with respect to the technology of the ROTWILD GT S, but also to its expressive design.

This is actually the second mountain bike to be jointly presented by Mercedes-AMG and ROTWILD, their first full-suspension R.X45 AMG carbon-fibre mountain bike entered the market in 2013, reminiscent of the “Edition 1” variant of the Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG.

The new ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG builds on that collaboration setting new standards for high-performance competition mountain bikes. According to ROTWILD general manager Peter Schlitt: “Just as AMG, we have paid very particular attention to the ride dynamics and fitted only the best technology for the ROTWILD GT S. As a result ride enjoyment lives up to expectations, even under the harshest of conditions.” Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG: “The mixture of bike racing, an unmistakable design and German engineering expertise is the connecting link between AMG and Rotwild. Our shared passion for high-performance products will continue to inspire our partnership in the future.”

The ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG boasts some impressive equipment and components developed by ROTWILD, including a light weight frame and suspension designed for comfort utilising techniques such as Carbon Module Monocoque Technology (MMT2) and EPS Innermold Technology, to optimise the performance and attributes of the high-modulus carbon fibre. The result is an ultra-lightweight frame with optimum rigidity and ideal damping characteristics. The Formula 33 Factory front fork likewise combines light weight with high rigidity, contributing to consistent riding comfort with adjustable compression and rebound. The effect is completed by 29‑inch carbon-fibre wheels designed to assist fast acceleration and braking.

Equipped with Shimano XTR drive technology actuated by electronic gear-shifting, featuring a multi-shift function that allows several gears to be shifted in sequence, ensuring an efficient power transfer, short operating movements and reliable, fast and smooth gearshifts.Weighing only 267 grams, the hydraulic Formula AMG R1 Racing FCS disc brakes were also developed for sporting competition and are among the lightest on the market.

With an extremely limited production run of just 100 examples, the long winded “The ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG” will in no doubt be in short supply. It will be on sale from May along with a high-quality equipment package and a price tag of €9990 ($10,851.) The package contains everything the dedicated mountain biker requires: from a transport bag and a damper setup pump to the most important repair tools.


ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG
Limited edition of 100 examples
ROTWILD RHS 1.5 Tapered Ti
Formula thirty three 100 Speedshift Lockout
Pro Tharsis XC Flat Top DI2 carbon fibre
Pro Tharsis XC DI2
Saddle post
Pro Tharsis XC carbon fibre
Ergon SRX AMG carbon fibre
Ergon1 AMG
Shimano XTR 36-26T.  ACS-Ring
Shift lever
Shimano DI2 XTR Shift Switch
Front derailleur
Shimano DI2 XTR-2
Rear derailleur
Shimano DI2 XTR-11 GS DM Plus
Shimano XTR 9000 11-40T.
Formula R1 FCS
180/160MM AL-Spyder
Crankbrothers Cobalt 11 carbon fibre
100-15/142-12 ILS-Integrated Lock System
Continental Race King
Racesport Compound 29×2.20
AMG GT S Riding Package
Ergon BX2 Bag
Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite
Topeak Bike Pocket MT
Topeak Rescue Box
Topeak Tyre Lever
Carbon-Fibre Bottle Cage
Team Riding Experience
Topeak Pocket Shock DXG
ROTWILD Hardshell Bag
Crankbrothers Candy3
Topeak Lineup Stand 29
Bike box
Thule Round Trip Pro
Matt carbon fibre / solarbeam glossy

The new ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG The new ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG The new ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG The new ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG The new ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG The new ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG The new ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG The new ROTWILD GT S inspired by AMG

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