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Cost Effective Sustainable Housing

With growing interest in sustainable living around the world, its little wonder people are starting to focus their attention on Micro Homes. Not only do they provide a practical solution to the issue of housing shortage, but they can also be configured for energy savings that continue long past the original build cost.

NOMAD Homes, one of the many companies that have sprung up to provide these micro homes, have created an easy to assemble and beautifully packaged solution that gives customers a configurable and extendable home that can be delivered in a container to anywhere in the world for under $30,000.

The base series, “Live,” is a two story 10′ x 10′ house that can be configured to run off existing mains power and water and also be connected to sewerage. You also have the option to add on an off-grid 12V solar package, as well as extra rain water collection tanks and full grey and black water treatment plants for a fully self contained off-grid house.

The base house can be extend and configured by combining the two additional optional models: “Space,” which is designed to add an additional bedroom upstairs and a second living area down stairs, and “Grow,” which can be used for general storage, but really comes in handy for the off grid system, acting as a housing area for your utilities. NOMAD also offer a range of options such as a cedar deck, furniture and even an external bike locker.

And if you needed a bit more space, there is also the 12′ x 12′ NOMAD Cube.

For anyone looking for a cost-effective way to build a sustainable home,  these micro homes from NOMAD are definitely worth considering.


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